Video lesson: 



This is a little example of the way I teach. As you will notice in the video, learning Italian in a beautiful, relaxed environment  is easy to do here.



When you are nervous, and not relaxed during the lesson, learning anything can be difficult, especially another language.


That’s why I always try to create a comfortable atmosphere during the lesson, and always professional. For me, it’s so rewarding to see students, who couldn’t speak a word before, conversing in Italian. That for me, is the real joy, and I mean it from my heart.


As I already said, we’ll practice the four main skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing). The plan is not set and is flexible to meet your needs. For instance, there won’t always be 2 hours grammar and 2 hours conversation in a 4 hour course. I develop a strategy for each student, but the most important “thing” is the student themselves. This is not only my proven technique, but also used by many modern language scientists.


I’ll teach Italian with a communicative method. What does it mean? We will speak. You will speak. Actually, the modern teacher is a motivation trainer. When he/she does his/her job in the right way, then the student will be motivated to work together.


One last thing that is for me important to say. People normally think that an Italian teacher must be able to speak many languages. That’s not true. And people are very surprised when I say it’s not necessary. It helps, but it’s not necessary. A modern teacher must be an “actor”. He must let himself understood with gestures (and you know how we Italians are good with it ;-) and pictures. That happens especially at the beginning. Later the teacher can explain words with other words.


Antonio Libertino