Name Italiano per te RELAX - One to one
Language Italian for foreigners
Max People Per Group 1
Levels From A1 to C2 European Framework - Beginners to Advanced
Lessons Per Week 5
Lesson Length 55 minutes
Start Dates Every monday
Infos about this course Italiano per te, Italian for you relax version. Do you want to spend your time in a relaxed way? Yet you want to refresh or start to learn Italian? With this course you will have all the time you need to relax and learn at the same time. Lessons will be held wherever you like in Tropea (hotels, appartments, the beach, etc.). Booking this course costs 120.00 € and includes 4 lessons. Please send me an email to check if I am free when you would like to come to Tropea.
Prices per person
Number of weeks Price
 1 week €150.00
 2 weeks €300.00
 3 weeks €450.00
 4 weeks €600.00


Notes: Basically courses are for maximum 2 people at the same level. This year I charge 30 euro per lesson (15.00 euro per person for the two-to-one courses).  If more than two people at the same level ask for a course I will provide it accordingly with previous commitments. The price for more than two people courses would be 12 € per person and lesson.