The pearl of Calabria

According to an ancient legend, Tropea was founded by Hercules, when he returned after completing one of his 12 labours. According to one of many historical versions, Tropea was founded by  Pompeo or Augustus, who were fighting a naval battle near the coast.





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The city is now divided into two parts: the ancient and the modern one. Among the various characteristics of the ancient part are the portals, the old buildings (XVIII-XIX) and lots of churches, for example the church of S. Maria dell'Isola and the Norman Cathedral.


The first one was so named because it was completely surrounded by the sea and for that reason it was the destination for many hermits. During its history, this church has suffered many transformations also as a results of a past earthquake, which struck Calabria's coasts.




The same is true for the Romanesque-Norman Cathedral (XI-XIII) that has also undergone trasformation during the centuries. Inside the cathedral there is an icon of uncertain origin that represents the  Madonna of Romania , who is the patron saint of Tropea. In the aisle on the right there is a fascinating crucifix by an unknown artisan. Flanking the Cathedral's entrance are two unexploded bombs, which date to the Second World War. It is said  that the Madonna of Romania prevented the bombs from exploding.


Nowadays Tropea is the destination of many  tourists, who come from all over the world, especially in summer. Once the visitors have seen Tropea's white beaches and crystal clear sea, they return regulary for their holidays. Many of them also buy houses from professional estate agencies here in Tropea.




In summer, Tropea lives at night, offering a wide choice of pubs, pizzerias and discos. The city is invaded by the young and young-at-heart, who crowd the main square and the main street "Vittorio Emanuele", important meeting places in the centre of the city. Believe it or not, this happens every night from July 15 to August 25! And don't forget the Blues Festival in September!


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