L’esperienza di Steve Baughn

To whom it may concern:

I had the pleasure and privilege of visiting Tropea, Italy, and attending the (************) Italian Language School from April 7 to June 17, 2005. My group instructor was Antonio Libertino, and from day 1, he showed himself to be an excellent instructor/teacher who was committed to teaching us the Italian language and culture.

Our group consisted of two students from Germany, one from Switzerland, one from France, and myself from the United States, all of us in the beginner class, all speaking different languages, so you can imagine the difficulty of preparing the lessons, let alone teaching them. Antonio was professional, courteous and had the personality that won us all over and made coming to class each day a pleasure. The lesson plans covered all areas, to make sure we got an overall understanding of language, history, music and culture, to use in everyday situations.

I enjoyed our lessons so much, that upon a recommendation from another student, I decided to sign up for private lessons. During this time, Antonio was not only a teacher to me, but became a good friend, as he was to all the students, which made this class even more special, as you felt he was truly interested in each student accomplishing their goals. For me, I was in Italy to find my family history, and Antonio put in extra time and effort to help me in this. He helped research the area, called families in the town, and set up visits for me to meet with the people of Grimaldi. Again, this was going far beyond his duties and took a genuine interest in helping me. The outcome was amazing, and he is now a part of the success in finding my family heritage, which I am truly grateful. I am already making plans to return next May for lessons with him.

He also speaks German and English very well, and I filmed a presentation he did for his school, in front of 30 Germans, who were interested in attending (***********). The entire presentation was in German, and he received a standing applause.

I am President of a consulting company, and would highly recommend Antonio Libertino for any position, and wished he wanted to come to America, as I would offer him a position immediately, without hesitation. His intelligence, professionalism and personality would make him an ideal employee for any company

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions, at any time.


Steve  Baughn

nextGEN Group

President, Physician Services

steveb [at] nextgengroup [dot] com