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Do you also want to learn Italian by yourself ?

Over the years I have written several books for learners of the Italian language, almost all of them come with free audio (also on iTunes). Some of these unconventional books have also been adapted in other languages ​​and are still available today in paperback and eBook format in the best online bookstores. Here is the answer to one of the most frequent questions that people ask me. Buying these books from reliable websites, giving them as gifts, reviewing them: all this will give you the opportunity to support me and I’ll be very gratefu! Thank you!

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On the same website there are many FREE AUDIO COURSES too!

Which of your books can I start with?

Think in Italian! is a very simple booklet  that uses the flash card method to let you acquire basic Italian structures. It contains 50 flash card with audio and is also available for free or in video-eBook format. Suitable for beginners (A1). If you think that flash cards are boring and don’t work for you, I suggest you not to use this booklet.


The Secrets of the Italian Language is a book with audio that favors an immersion in the Italian language, thanks to the full-length audio that can be listened free of charge even in podcast format on iTunes. Thanks to this book, you will get familiar with some basic language structures and you will learn how to easily acquire Italian through various techniques , also coming from the field of accelerated learning. You will do it in Italian and you will always have the full English translation to make sure you understand everything, so if you are a beginner you can read it first in English and then read it and listen to it in Italian. That’s why you can use it at different levels.

The ideal sequel to this book is More Secrets of the Italian Language, structured in the same way, in which you will find my updated ideas about learning and teaching, you’ll also discover many of the techniques I still use nowadays and you’ll also go even further with grammar. On the bonus page you will find the mp3s for listening the whole book in Italian.

Speak Italian Magically! – Parla l’italiano magicamente! is my first foray in the field of guided imagery in language learning and lets you relax as you imagine and experience Italian in Italy. You will find 10 guided visualization with downloadable audio (free of charge to download only for the paperback version, but you can listen to them for free from Youtube), each one in two versions, bilingual or only in italian. That’s why you can use it at different levels. Some of my students also used it when they were false beginners (and some even when they were absolute beginners) with good results. An adapted version of this course is available for German-speaking students: Italienisch Lernen im Handumdrehen! After creating this book I also came with the idea of ​​creating an English course for Italians: Speak English Magically! Parla l’inglese magicamente!

Listen to the Speak Italian Magically! Course for FREE! If you want to support me, please leave a 5 star review on Amazon where you can find transcripts as eBook and paperback.

Awaken your Italian! Awaken your Italian! is more or less structured the same way as Speak Italian Magically! and is its ideal sequel. There are 5 guided visualizations that will allow you to learn some mental training techniques that will help you speak better in Italian. Again, each visualization has two versions, bilingual and only in Italian. Although it can be used at different levels, I recommend using it at at least an intermediate level (B1), or after Speak Italian Magically! Most of the audios is also available for free on iTunes. An adapted version of this course is available for German-speaking students: Dein Italienisch wachgeküsst !: Lerne jetzt Italienisch durch mentales Training. After creating this book I also came with the idea of ​​creating an English course for Italians: Awaken your English! Awaken your English!

Guided imagery in language learning demo – Video in English with subtitles in Italian and English

A colored and to color album with many stories and mindmaps…

Mappe e Storie in Italiano is a colored and to color album which is first of all a collection of stories, told through a special tool, those childish drawings, accompanied by words, that many call mind maps. If you are an Italian and you already speak the language, no matter if you are a child or an adult, you can simply enjoy the stories, reflecting on what they want to convey. If you are learning Italian, you can use it to improve your way of speaking this so musical language, perhaps by following the steps suggested inside. The book can be flipped, colored and even listened to. Thanks to the QR codes that you will find in it, you will have the opportunity to listen to the stories contained in it. Suggested from level A2. Internationally available on your local Amazon store.

My latest book collecting 101 one minute Italian lessons

101 Lezioni d’italiano da un minuto. Inside this book you will find 101 one-minute Italian lessons for foreigners, just one minute to listen, watch, reflect, all in Italian. You will decide by yourself whether to dedicate just one minute or more to understand what you read, listen to and watch. Yes, because this is also a multimedia book. Each mini lesson is accompanied by a video that you can also access with your smartphone and the QR code you will find on the page. Everything will be exclusively in Italian (with a few small exceptions). If you don’t understand something, just look up the word or phrase in a dictionary, physical or online. Sometimes I will offer you exercises, other times not. In any case, you can simply listen to the audio accompanying the video, imitate it using your voice, read the text, silently or better, aloud, look at the drawing, maybe color it or redo it your own way. You will be free to use the course in a more or less thorough way and in the order you prefer. Well, I suggest that you open the book at random and start with the drawing and lesson that most appeals to you. After all, it is you who want to speak Italian better and better. Or not?

So, relax and enjoy the journey. This time again. Suggested from level A2. All the videos are freely available from this page.

Una storia per parlare l’inglese magicamente is a fiction novel for Italians who want to speak English and still feel stuck despite several previous attempts to master this language as useful as important. The book, set in Tropea, narrates the story of Francesca, a young woman eager to speak better English. Since it contains an unabridged audio book in Italian, it can also be used by Italian language students from level B1 upwards. Internationally available on your local Amazon store.

Impariamo l’italiano a Tropea, written with Giuseppe Meligrana, is an only Italian book  for those who want to discover or rediscover Tropea and the Italian language. Suggested from level A2. There are currently two versions of it, one of which with audio downloadable for free from iTunes.

All the AUDIOS accompanying the books are on

On the same website there are many FREE AUDIO COURSES too!



Tiziana: Amore che genera Amore is not a book to teach Italian to foreigners. It’s the book, in Italian, in which I collected letters, texts and stories that I wrote and told after the sudden death of the woman who was my wife back then, Tiziana. It was my way to cope with sorrow and to honor her memory. You will find a widely illustrated section, with watercolors and many photos, including some taken by Tiziana herself. All this is enriched by a vast multimedia section and updates. The book is internationally available on your local Amazon store.