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Mind maps to learn Italian words and idioms.

I’ve been experimenting with this wonderful tool, invented by Tony Buzan, for several years now. I use mind maps to take notes, to learn, to schematize, and so on. I use them, sometimes, to teach.

At first, I used them to explain some grammatical rules or to group words by categories.

First experiments with mindmapping. From the book “The Secrets of the Italian Language”, still available.

On the day of my fortieth birthday, I began to “draw” a wonderful story I read in a book (Rob Parkinson’s Transforming Tales) and then, as I was looking at the map, I began to tell the story in my own way. After some time I started using this tool to teach through stories (#storytelling) and the maps themselves, using one of the fundamentals I believe in: stratification.

In time you can even improve:-). A mind map about Alex Zanardi.

With the word stratification, I intend that you are exposed – by having fun – to the same material – in this case a story – in so many different ways, so that you can deeply absorb the story, the Italian grammatical structures and words.

Many of these stories are available free of charge from this playlist in Italian, with subtitles in Italian, and have been collected in a special album (available soon). Have fun! 🙂


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We are surrounded by stories and every story has the power to send us a message, it’s up to us to pick it up to change and become better people.

In my latest book I tell a variety of stories, all narrated through a special tool:those childish drawings, accompanied by words, that many call mind maps® .

Mind maps®, for those who still do not know them, are a learning tool invented by British author and consultant Tony Buzan. They can be used, also by those who have learning disabilities (such as dyslexia), to take notes, to learn new concepts, to make important decisions and, as in this case, to tell stories. In this book, just published by Meligrana Editore, many stories are told.

The collection, titled Mappe e Storie in Italiano, is suitable for foreigners who can use it to improve their own way of speaking our language, so musical, perhaps following the steps suggested in the first pages. It’s also aimed at Italians, no matter if children or adults, who can simply enjoy the stories, reflecting on what they want to convey.

The book, with horizontal layout, can be flipped, colored and even listened to. In fact, thanks to the QR codes that are on each colored map, you will also have the opportunity to listen to the stories.

The collection is completed  with a mind map that I created in July 2016 after watching the tv show Sereno Variable talking about Tropea…